Sims Leather made their debut in the fall of the year before. We started off as two beginners who were merely interested in selling jackets online and trying to cash in on the celebrity fashion craze. We had no prior company experience, but after selling our first pair that week, we made the decision to devote all of our time to it. Following that, for a sample, we made our initial purchase of finest leather. There, we learned about the many qualities and applications of the various kinds of leather. Since genuine leather jackets are more stylish and opulent than their synthetic counterparts, we redirected our attention to making something that would last for a very long time.


Instead of just being a place to conduct business, Sims Leather was created to foster lasting relationships. We value in-person interactions and want you to feel like a part of this place. Whether it be through a shared experience with us, other customers, or the companies we represent, we want you to feel as though you have met a new friend here. From the moment you enter our doors until long after you've made your purchase, we want you to feel like a member of our family.


Sims Leather is dedicated to improving the world by utilizing ethical business practices and sustainable fashion. Real, locally reared animals used to produce our leather. To ensure that cow farmers receive fair pricing for their leather, we work closely with them.


Sims Leather, one of the fastest growing leather jacket producers, has given thousands of satisfied clients high-quality, unique coats. We put such a high importance on our customers that we are prepared to go above and beyond for them. Your questions can be answered by a courteous, knowledgeable, and skilled customer service representative. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, thus we promise to respond to emails within one business day.


Due to our long-standing commitment to and expertise in discovering superior leather goods at retail, we are able to offer all of our products at prices that are significantly lower than those set by the industry. While collaborating with suppliers and tanneries, we are dedicated to establishing standards for social and ethical compliance in addition to offering high-quality products. At Leather Company, we value customer feedback because it spurs us to raise the bar on our already high standards for both customer care and product knowledge. On schedule, we delivered. When you buy with us, we want you to enjoy yourself.


You know the sort—adventurous and daring, yet charming and sophisticated—the type who keeps you wondering, but one thing is sure. The man is stylish. Men's leather jackets are an authentic sign of distinction, displaying a flair for the laid-back and a harsh edge to the good time. Our men's leather jackets are prized for durability and ideal for adventurers or those looking for a wardrobe staple.Best men’s leather jackets in a range of styles can add an indisputable air of cool to any ensemble. Whether you're actually ready to ride your motorcycle or just want to seem like you've been on the road, choose the intentional lines of moto and racer jackets.


The versatility and contemporary designs of our men's leather jackets make them a go-to for a wide range of events. You can easily slip it on top of your work attire or dress it up for a night out on the town. For a slim-fitted version made of full-grain leather lined with elaborate seams, check out our Classic Collar Leather Jacket. Enjoy the spacious interior, which is lined with 100% cotton and has two front pockets and two back pockets that are sewn together. If you want something that will be passed down from generation to generation, think about our Hood Leather Jacket instead. All of our men's leather jackets age gracefully and only improve over time, much like excellent wine


Thanks to premium genuine leather and skilled production, men's leather jackets have increased longevity and durability. As a result, a variety of premium leather jackets, including those made from cowhide, lambskin, goatskin, sheepskin, and calfskin, are readily available. For contemporary males, there is a fantastic collection of leather bomber and biker jackets, as well as hoodies and Beige Leather jackets. Men's leather jackets come in a variety of styles, both with and without hoods. Any men's leather jacket you purchase will have characteristics that increase its exclusivity due to your personal style and decision because outerwear is an extension of who you are. The jacket will become more distinctive thanks to these features. Style, shape, and color are also crucial to the creative processed line has a deep, natural patina, unlike cheap ones on low-quality clothes.


Men's leather jackets come in many different colors, from standard neutrals to bright colors and muted tones. Depending on how, by whom, and where they are worn, they can send different messages. Colors give you the chance to tell your story in a creative and complementary way, and The Sim’s Jacket just knows how to get you started. While black classic collar leather jackets for men may be popular due to their adaptability and classic qualities, colors enable you to tell your story in a creative and complementary way. While a brown leather jacket with a high collar from the men's collection is simple to style, men's leather jackets in other colors including red, blue, green, and tan are also not too difficult. Adding a leather coat beige to your capsule wardrobe is a smart move due to the garment's versatility. When you step outside, throw it on over your outfit to look put together. Even though a basic black Sims leather jacket with a hood from our men's collection can be worn with nearly everything, we would be remiss if we didn't mention how sleek and elegant our men's brown leather jackets and other vibrant hues appear.


The men's leather jacket line is international with a flawless design and exceptional practicality, ranging from the best-selling Classic Collar Leather Jacket to the High Collar Leather Bomber Jacket or Fur Leather Coat. Purchase a leather jacket with the knowledge that when you wear it, all features will assert power and confident energy. The Sim's Jacket is your one-stop shop for everything, whether you're looking for a faux fur shearling jacket or a green leather jacket for men with a detachable hood. For increased warmth and comfort during the colder months, half of the men's leather jackets have faux fur lining while the other half have quilted polyester lining


Whatever you have in mind, we can create specifically for you. Even though you can choose from our current selection of men's genuine leather jackets, you also have the exceptional chance to tailor your leather jacket to meet your personality and way of life. Our team will be more than happy to help you during this fun and creative process. Our customer service reps are there for you if you need help, advice, or answers to any questions you may have about design creation, colors, materials, details, and more. The utility, craftsmanship, and distinctive appearance of The Sim's Jackets are synonymous with their sense of fashion.


You can always get in touch with us for extra information if this website hasn't adequately explained who we are. We can give you all the details regarding the design and production processes, as well as the shipping method and refund policy. At info@Simsleather.com, a knowledgeable, seasoned, and friendly customer service person can assist you and address any questions you may have. Because client happiness is our first priority, our customer service guarantees a response within one business day.

Our Story

Sims Leather was founded in 2010 with a highly qualified and skilled team, with regular business in Europe. Through recognition by our German and international business partners, Sims Leather became top listed among manufacturers and exporters of leather garments in short time.

Quality is not compromised at Sims Leather, which allows us do to business with well-known and iconic fashion brands worldwide.

Exclusive Leather Manufacturer

Sims Leather is an exclusive leather manufacturer. As stated in our quality policy, “Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 priority”, which we try to achieve by employing outstanding processes and raw materials together with an advanced quality control system, and with our quality conscious employees.